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The above 'egroup' is an email type bulletin-board in which only members receive email from other members of Palominas yahoo Group. You use your existing address. I am also a member other egroups and this is a good way to exchange news and get questions answered or discussed.


Updates will be posted here as additions and changes occur, although minor changes may not be noted.  Each page includes a date it was last updated. In addition to these updates, you may also do a site search from the SEARCH page..

Updates For 2009 and 2010
Date Updated Page & Description
   We'll get to it, folks!!


Updates For 2007
Date Updated Page & Description
Feb. 19 Photo showing the (empty) site of the future Palominas/Hereford Health Clinic in Palominas.


Updates For 2006
Date Updated Page & Description
Dec. 10 Activated Palominas Weather Page after servicing.
Nov. 7 Posted a summary and survey results of a community meeting held on Oct. 30, 2006 regarding information on the property involved in high density development near Palominas School  - the summary and survey results  provided by Susan Ostrander.
Aug. 23 Information letter from APS regarding power outages in the Hereford-Palominas area.
July 31 New article (letters to the editor) about numerous APS power outages experienced in Palominas/Hereford
July 15 New Community News page regarding attempts to rezone Palominas property to 1/2 acres lots
Jun. 27 Information about the July 4th Palominas Parade and a downloadable PDF file.
May 31 New articles about Palominas Border Fences and Kinjockity Ranch
Feb. 17 Kinjockity Ranch photo; 'Here Is The Border' Newsletter 


Updates For 2005
Date Updated Page & Description
Nov. 28 Announcement & Photo for the upcoming Xmas Parade (homepage)
Jun. 22 Added Kate Line's Palominas 2004 Christmas Parade Photos
May 22 Site 'house-keeping' done; no new content added.  (Help me out!)
Mar. 20 News article regarding a new charter school at the Bible College.
Jan. 23 Update links on some pages to county web site
Jan. 10 Welcome new community sponsor: RepoGazer Observatory in Palominas
Updates For 2004
Date Updated Page & Description
Dec. 02 Added new neighborhood poll: Incorporating Palominas - Yes/No/Maybe
Nov. 29 Palominas Fire District Newsletter for Winter 2004 Added to site. (PDF Version)
Aug. 29 New sub-web: Palominas Preservation Committee - A steering committee to examine the possibility of incorporating the community of Palominas.
Jul. 22 Community News about a possible new subdivision by Valley View School and a new cell phone tower on the grounds of Valley View School.
Jun. 24 Photos from a trip to France and Hawaii
Updates For 2003
Date Updated Page & Description
Oct. 29 Correction made to land donor for the Palominas School building built on the corner of Palominas Rd. and Hwy. 92. Two acres of land donated in 1911. HISTORY
Oct. 14 Added link to "Mexico Resources" web site.
Sep. 20 Sharon Dale's book publishing announcement - Sharon's first book!

August 20

Welcome new community sponsor - Hereford Realty!

August 13

New Sharon Dale poem - Memories

July 12 Welcome new community sponsor - Rockin JP Ranch
Added two historical photos (John Wayne & Cattle Pens) to Gallery 14
June 23 Posted 16 Photos taken of the Ash Fire in Ash Canyon.
June 16 Community news story on 'Gray's Garden of Eat'n' located along Hwy. 92.
June 9 Updates: Humor piece, Directory page
May 27 New Page - 'You Know They're Illegal When..."
Apr. 14 Community news story on range fire at the river.
New Sharon Dale Poem.
Apr. 05 Added two wonderful sunrise photos to 'Palominas Skies'.
Mar. 29 Palominas Weather Station 
Mar.01 Added link to Friends Of the Milky Way pages
Feb. 22 Welcome new community sponsor - "Yes I CAN-WELD It"
Feb. 12 Posted web link to the Palominas School District web site
Jan. 14 Updated Morning Star Cafe's On-Line Menu
Jan. 08 Posted 'Here Is The Border' Newsletter for Winter 2002/2003
Posted 'Some History of Miracle Valley' in the history pages.

Updates For 2002

Updated Page & Description

Dec. 14 Posted a bunch of photos taken during the 7th annual Palominas Christmas Parade. A record breaking parade!
Added two new Sharon Dale poems.
Nov. 23 Update on the border lights in Naco.
Added two new Sharon Dale poems.
Nov. 01 Welcome new community sponsor - Casa de San Pedro!
Oct. 20 Added five new Sharon Dale poems.
Posted a photo of the plaque received for discovering a comet!
July 12 Update Palominas School District Calendar for the 2002-2003 School Year
Jun. 28 Posted the July edition of NightFall newsletter (PDF version)
Added two new Sharon Dale poems.
Jun. 07 Father's Day poem by Sharon Dale.
Jun. 01 Posted the June edition of NightFall newsletter (PDF version)
May 15 Posted Alliance meeting minutes for March and April 2002.
Added two recent images of my comet, and a chart showing the comet's path for the next few months. 
May 09 Mother's Day poem by Sharon Dale
Apr. 30 Posted the May edition of NightFall newsletter (PDF version)
Apr. 26 Added USGS links for real-time precipitation graphs for Greenbush Draw and Ramsey Canyon areas. These are found on the Weather page.
Apr. 13 Added several comet photos on the Observatory pages.
Apr. 04 On the Observatory pages, added a short movie of the comet's journey through part of the constellation Sagitta.  It is now in the constellation Lyra, heading north.
Mar. 30 Posted the April edition of NightFall newsletter. (PDF version).
Posted the Spring 2002 edition of 'Here Is The Border' by Ron Pamachena.
Four new poems from Sharon Dale posted on the 'Gifts' page.
Mar. 20 Created a new observatory page for all of the current and future comet information.
Mar. 12 Announcement of the Comet discovery at Palominas Observatory.
Mar. 08 Posted the Amended & Approved PCA meeting minutes for the Jan. 22 meeting.
Mar. 07 Posted the PCA meeting minutes for the February 26, 2002 meeting.
Posted the PCA Articles of Incorporation - The PCA is now a non-profit organization.
Feb. 25 Information about the 'Enhanced 9-1-1' service soon to be active in Palominas.
of the new officers of the Palominas Community Alliance (at work for you!)
Feb. 20 Welcome new community sponsor! Big Wheels Construction.
Feb. 19 Posted the PCA meeting minutes for the January 22, 2002 meeting.
Feb. 16 Two new poems from Sharon Dale posted on the 'Gifts' page.
Feb. 07 New historical information added on the History page.
Feb. 06 S. V. Herald news stories: (1) Mike Goodman's auto shop - decision by the Board of Supervisors. (2) Outlook for the next Palominas School District Budget.
A new poem from Sharon Dale.
Jan. 21 Expanded Sponsor Information For Debbie Stoner's Child Care - Ten Photos
Jan. 01 Minor updates on Events Page, Observatory Page and Humor Page.
Added 3 new Sharon Dale Poems.


Updates For 2001


Updated  Page & Information

Dec. 17 News story and Doug's photos of the 6th Annual Unorganized Palominas Christmas Parade - What a great parade!
Dec. 14 Welcome Shady & Jack Chapman as new family sponsors!
Two new astronomy 'star trail' photos on the observatory page.
Dec. 10 Added Sharon Dale's Christmas poem on the Gifts page.
Read All About the Palominas Unorganized Christmas Parade - Dec. 15th!!
Added Comet photo to the Observatory page.
Dec. 05 Two new Sharon Dale poems on the 'Gifts' page.
Dec. 04 The Fall 2001 issue of 'The Border Is Here' by Ron Pamachena (Palominas resident)
Newspaper article on Valley View School's running track.
Nov. 25 Information on the Christmas Bazaar and the Christmas Parade.
New material on the Advice and Humor Page.
Nov. 14 Added the minutes for the November 13th PCA meeting.
A Thanksgiving poem from Sharon Dale.
Updated Events Page.
Added the beginnings of a star poem page. Contributions from young & old welcome!
Nov. 03 Added the current issue of 'NightFall' newsletter as a PDF document.
Oct. 31 Two new Sharon Dale poems on the 'Gifts' page.
Photo of the U.S. flag and 'The Reef' added to the home page. See Photo Prints page.
Updated Events page; included a link to the final Southern San Pedro Valley Area Plan (approved by the Board of Supervisors). 
Oct. 10 Added the minutes for the October 8th PCA meeting.
Oct. 08 Updated Events page; Added new Sharon Dale poem on the 'Gifts' page.
Sep. 11 Added the minutes for the September 10th Palominas Community Alliance meeting.
Aug. 28 News story on the August 23rd meeting of the Southern San Pedro Valley Plan.
Updated Events Page
Updated Survey Results.
Added two Aerial Photos taken years ago over the Palominas Area.
Aug. 14 Expanded the sponsorship of Palominas Child Care to include an information page.
Added the August 13 meeting minutes for the Palominas Community Alliance.
Aug. 09 Added school year information. Some applies to Palominas School, and some to all schools.
Jul. 31 New Humor piece - Dumb Arizona Laws
Added a 1932 photo of most of the town of Hereford. Shows many of the old buildings.
Updated Events Page for upcoming meetings.
Jul. 21 Added Internet link to Arizona Cactus & Succulent Research (Bisbee)
Jul. 15 Welcome Canyon General Convenient Stores as a new sponsor!
Jul. 14 New Survey Question posted on illegal immigration & drug smuggling.
Jul. 09 New Laugh Pieces
Revised Home Page (Menu & MIDI)
Added first School Page - Need community input to keep these pages current.
Jul. 05 Two new Sharon Dale poems. Gifts From The Heart  page.
Jul. 02 History Page: Excerpts relating to Palominas from the Jac Hein book, "Early Sierra Vista; Its People and Neighbors". This book was published in 1983.
Jun. 22 News Article from Sierra Vista Herald concerning rabid skunks in Palominas.
New Survey Question Posted.
Jun. 06 New Laugh Pieces - HA!
Two New Sharon Dale poems - ARE YOU READY?, and MY DAD.
May 30 Added the Spring 2001 'Here Is The Border' Newsletter.
Added border related article from the Sierra Vista Herald.
May 03 Wonderful new poem by Sharon Dale!
Updated Events Page.
Information Concerning Swarming Bees
Not much else to update, folks! - Either it's pretty quiet or no one's talking!  :)
Apr. 15 Welcome to Neal Galt Insurance as a 'Friends of Palominas' sponsor!
Apr. 14 Announcement on the recognition of Palominas by the USPS for an alternate bottom line mailing address.
New Home Page Banner (just for the fun of it).
Posting of a letter sent to the N.Y. Times about Arizona border issues (Contributed by Wes Flowers)
Community information on the establishment of Toll Roads in Arizona, and relevant ARS sections. (Contributed by Tommy Stoner)
New poem written by Sharon Dale. 
Apr. 10 Minutes of the April 9th Palominas Neighborhood Alliance meeting - Thanks to Susan Ulmer for speedy delivery!
Apr. 08 Welcome to 'Wes Flowers - Gun For Hire' as sponsor!
Posted Minutes of the Palominas Fire Board March meeting.
Laugh Page - Take a Redneck Quiz & see if you qualify!
Mar. 24 Event Pages - S.V. Herald news story on the most recent Southern San Pedro Valley Area Plan meeting (Mar.22)
Surveys & Questions - Updated to latest results.
Welcome to The Bisbee Doll Doctor, our first 'Friends of Palominas' business sponsor!
Mar.19 Welcome to Palominas Tire & Trailer as sponsor!
Mar.18 Added the Palominas Trading Post & Country Diner Menu - Choose A Meal or Pie and Call Ahead!
Easter Poem By Sharon Dale
New postings on Words of Wisdom & Laugh page.
Mar.13 Welcome the Palominas Day Care as sponsor!
New menu bar graphic to reduce page load time.
S.V. Herald story on federal tax cut plan, and local impact, especially for border enforcement.
Mar.12 Posted Palominas Neighborhood Alliance meeting minutes.
Moved Survey & Community Questions to their own page.
Mar.11 Updated Events Page.
New Survey posted - Cel Phone Tower in Palominas?
Latest results in 'Neighbors are....'  survey posted.
A valuable household health tip sent in by Sharon Dale.
Mar.07 Copy of an email recently received from Deborah Divver, and thanking those in the community for their support and letters.
Mar.05 New Photo Page #9 - Border Monuments in Palominas.
(I've found two west of Smith Ave. - are there more?)
Inserted new pix of ladies having lunch at the Morning Star (Gallery 3).
Mar.03 New Need A Laugh? page.
Take the "My Neighbor...." Poll. New and Just For Fun.
Welcome Jim & Jan Arndt as family sponsor!
Welcome Bob & Jan Bullard (Bisbee) as the first 'Friends of Palominas' sponsor!
Mar.01 Welcome the Palominas Trading Post as sponsor!
Update our Questions page and home page.
Feb.27 Welcome the Circle N Ranch as sponsor!
Feb.26 New Photo Page #8 - A little history and some photos of the ghost town of Hereford.
Updated Events page...Check up on the March gatherings!  There is also an update on the public review of the SSPVAP held at the Valley View School.
Added further information on the Palominas 9-1-1 situation - this is a discussion group topic, so please join us there.
New Border page with recent news article on Palominas surveillance tower. 
Feb.23 Welcome Judi MacNeil of Long Realty as sponsor!
New Photo Page #7.
Divided the Gallery Pages into two 'exhibit halls': Photos of Palominas & Gifts From the Heart of Our Community.
Feb.21 Questions & Information posted on the Q&A Page; replies requested!
Feb.20 Lots of Updates:
Added Morning Star Cafe Menu - Choose & Call Ahead!
Added the Minutes of the Feb.12 PNA meeting held at the Morning Star - sent in by Susan Ulmer, the PNA Secretary.
A few new photos in the gallery, of folks at the Bright Spot on Valentine's Day.
On the Border page - Added articles from 'The Border Is Here', a newsletter edited by Ron Pamachena in Palominas.
Feb.14 Welcome Rio Verde Realty (Garland Smith) as sponsor!
Welcome Sandy's Hand Knit Originals as sponsor!
'Rearrange' Home Page (again)
Started Photo Page 6
Feb.12 Welcome the Morning Star Cafe as sponsor!
New 'Questions' page started.
Added link for Sierra Vista Theaters
Feb.11 New Photo Page! (Page 5) 12 new pictures and a new picture on Page 1.
Updated Events Page & Directory Page
Feb.08 Directory Page: Added 30+ listings for Palominas Businesses, Attractions, and Services.
Feb.07 History Page: The Earthquake of 1887; The Story of the Palominas Trading Post.
Community Profile page: more 'tidbits' on Palominas.
Photos taken during the recognition of Valley View students and of the Palominas School District Board members.
Notes on the meeting held at the Palominas School gym on Feb. 5 regarding township information. Included on this page is the section of the Arizona Revised Statutes regarding the process of annexation.
A few new links to the Cochise County website.
Feb.04 Added Third Gallery Photo Page
Updated EVENT page with the agenda of the Palominas Neighborhood Association for Feb. 12
Feb.02 For the Southern San Pedro Valley Area Plan, added Press Release for Jan. 29, 2001.  Also included links to county web site that detail the Plan and a map of the Plan.  Please see Meeting Notice on Events Page.
Feb.01 Changed Home Page graphics.
Added local and state links to the Links page.
Jan.31 Added Search page for finding site content (hopefully!)
Directory page that includes county, state, and federal government agencies.
Welcomed the site's first sponsor! Thanks Larry & Sharon Dale!
Jan.30 Border News (From S.V. Herald)
Jan.28 Added Second Gallery Photo Page.
Jan. 24 Initiated 'History' page
updated EVENT page - Check this page regularly
Jan. 22 Work on home page graphics and content.
Jan. 18 Added event information for organizational meetings
Jan. 18 Created Gallery Photo Page and added photos

An email recently received from Deborah Divver for the commuity of Palominas:

Dear Doug,

I have relocated out of the area of Palominas for awhile but am still a property owner and am concerned with our community in spite of our recent loss.

The children and I are getting settled and are adjusting to life without Dennis. I can assure you, after 20 years that is not easy.

I have started my letter campaign and will keep all posted as to the out come of the situation, if there ever is one. I sadly say this as we as citizens are helpless and have been abandoned by the Federal Government.

Jane Hull and Jim Kolbe have been working for aid along the border other than border patrol but need us all to support this effort to engage troops, armed and able to resist foreign  armed, aggression. I urge that none become complacent and comfortable in this area as no one who protects their home is
exempt form this type of retribution from organized crime syndicates.

I thank you all for your letters and support,
Deborah Divver


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We want to extend our sincere  THANKS to all the community sponsors!
These merchants, individuals, families, and friends of Palominas daily reflect our community pride!

The Morning Star Cafe
Matthew & Brenda Pratt

Casa de San Pedro 
Bed & Birding
Hereford Realty
Jackie Collins (Owner/Broker)
Judi MacNeil
Long Realty
Copper Queen Community Hospital
Bisbee, Arizona
Raymond Candell
Doug & Jean Snyder
Judy Combs
Four Feathers Realty, L.C.
Keith & Teresa Mullen
Palominas Child Care
Debbie Stoner
The Bisbee Doll Doctor
Ellen S. Logue
Rockin JP Ranch, Inc.
Joe & Patty Scelso
Canyon General Convenience Stores Neal Galt Insurance Big Wheels Construction
Backhoe Service & More
Bob & Jan Bullard Shady & Jack Chapman Jim & Jan Arndt