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August 22, 2015

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The above 'egroup' is an email type bulletin-board in which only members receive email from other members of Palominas yahoo Group. You use your existing address. I am also a member other egroups and this is a good way to exchange news and get questions answered or discussed.


In addition to the most welcome support from Palominas families and businesses, there has also been interest expressed in supporting the web site, and our community, from wonderful folks outside of Palominas! This most gracious gesture by them is being recognized with the addition of their names to this page under the category of 'Friends of Palominas'.

Please consider becoming a sponsor for this community web site and to help keep it on the Internet for our residents.  For a very modest amount, you will be recognized for your contribution and included at a minimum on the home page and this page.  Since the cost of having this site hosted for one year is close to $400, I am hoping that it will be possible to obtain between fifteen and twenty community sponsors. 

The sponsorship cost  for individuals and families is $12, and for merchants and businesses is $20. That is a one-time fee. Sponsors in this category will be recognized with additional space on these sponsor pages for an  ad about their business or services.  
We appreciate it very much! If interested, please contact us for more particulars, or call 366-5788.

If you would like to go forward with your sponsorship, you can send a check or money order to:
Palominas Online
P.O. Box 981
Palominas, AZ 85615

and the check or M. O. made out to either Doug Snyder, or Jean Snyder, whichever you prefer! We thank you so very much!

In order to keep page load time short, three business sponsors are featured on each page; click on the links below to visit those business sponsors. Tell them you saw their ad on the Internet.

 Family  & Individual Palominas Community Web Site Sponsors

"Friends of Palominas" Sponsors

Our  'Friends of Palominas' Business Sponsors
The Bisbee Doll Doctor - Ellen S. Logue
(Click Here To View The Banner)
Neal Galt Insurance - Sierra Vista
(Click Here To View The Banner) 

Palominas Business Sponsors - Please visit their banner on these pages and their businesses! Thanks.
 THANKS to these Palominas business sponsors for
their support of this community center web site!
(Links are provided to view each business sponsor)


The Morning Star Cafe
10428 E. Hwy92 (Here's their Menu)
(520) 366-5666
February 11, 2001
ERA Four Feathers Realty
Palominas Resident & Realtor Judy Combs
(520) 255-0748 (Cel)
March 1, 2008
February 13, 2001
Judi MacNeil
 Palominas Resident & Long Realty Realtor
(520) 366-1818
February 22, 2001
Palominas Trading Post & Country Diner
(Currently Closed - 09/2009)
10445 S. Hwy92 (520) 366-5529
March 1, 2001
Palominas Child Care
Debbie Stoner, (520) 366-5790
10275 S. Honeysuckle Drive, Palominas, AZ
March 12, 2001
February 18, 2002
Palominas Tire & Trailer, LLC
Mike Goodman, (520) 366-0744
10448 S. Hwy 92
March 19, 2001
Wes Flowers - Gun For Hire
(520) 457-3737 or (520) 366-5574
April 8, 2001
Canyon General Convenience Stores
7298 S.. Hwy. 92 Hereford
9500 E. Hwy. 92 Palominas
July 15, 2001
Big Wheels Construction
Back Hoe Service for Palominas Area
February 18, 2002
Casa de San Pedro
November 1, 2002
Raymond Candell (520) 366-9914
February 22, 2003
Rockin JP Ranch
Joe & Patty Scelso : (520) 366-0009
July 12, 2003
Hereford Realty
Jackie Collins (520) 378-4444
August 20, 2003
RepoGazer Observatory
Keith Mullen (520) 366-0049
January 10, 2005
Copper Queen Community Hospital
Bisbee, Arizona
Palominas-Hereford Rural Health Clinic
Palominas, Arizona
March 9, 2010

Our intent is, and always will be, not to make a single penny above the cost of having this community web site hosted.



For information about,  or comments on this website, please email
We want to extend our sincere  THANKS to all the community sponsors!
These merchants, individuals, families, and friends of Palominas daily reflect our community pride!

The Morning Star Cafe
Matthew & Brenda Pratt

Casa de San Pedro 
Bed & Birding
Hereford Realty
Jackie Collins (Owner/Broker)
Judi MacNeil
Long Realty
Copper Queen Community Hospital
Bisbee, Arizona
Raymond Candell
Doug & Jean Snyder
Judy Combs
Four Feathers Realty, L.C.
Keith & Teresa Mullen
Palominas Child Care
Debbie Stoner
The Bisbee Doll Doctor
Ellen S. Logue
Rockin JP Ranch, Inc.
Joe & Patty Scelso
Canyon General Convenience Stores Neal Galt Insurance Big Wheels Construction
Backhoe Service & More
Bob & Jan Bullard Shady & Jack Chapman Jim & Jan Arndt