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August 22, 2015

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The above 'egroup' is an email type bulletin-board in which only members receive email from other members of Palominas yahoo Group. You use your existing address. I am also a member other egroups and this is a good way to exchange news and get questions answered or discussed.

Palominas Skies

An ongoing series of photographs taken by Palominas residents or visitors to S.E. Arizona. Your photographs welcome!

(Photos by Doug Snyder, Susan Ulmer, Tony and Daphne Hallas)

Palominas skies (Sent in by Susan Ulmer)

'Mountains' View 'Plains' View 'Milky Way' View 'Monsoon' View 'Sunset' View


(Photos by Doug Snyder [aurora], Gene Mundt)
harvest_moon_palominas.jpg (30975 bytes)
'Northern Lights'
View - 3/30/2001
Sunrise Rainbow
from Wild Horse
Huachuca Sunrise
from Wild Horse
Full Moon,
Sept. 2003
M45_Comet Machholz.jpg (24234 bytes)      
'Seven Sisters' &
Comet Machholz