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On this page, you will find:

Student Supply List (applicable for Palominas School students) 

Student Dress Code

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Palominas School Student Supply List for 2001-2002:

2 boxes facial tissue
1 pencil box
1 set Crayola Washable Markers
1-4 oz. plastic bottle white glue
1 jar school paste or large glue stick

1 box (8 count) large Crayola Crayons
Glue Sticks

1st Grade
1 box (16 count) regular size Crayons
pkg. Glue Sticks
Folder with bottom pockets
Pencil box
Large Eraser
2 boxes of tissues
#2 pencils
Student scissors

2nd Grade
2 boxes tissues
2 spiral notebooks
4 folders with bottom pockets
1 box colored pencils

3rd Grade
Glue - white liquid
Large eraser
24 #2 pencils
Pencil pouch or box
Folders with pockets
2 spiral notebooks (college ruled)
3-4 reams 8 1/2" paper (college ruled)
Large box tissue
Pencil sharpeners
Ruler (inches and centimeters)

4th Grade

16 count crayons
4 oz. white liquid glue
Ruler (metric and inches)
Pencil pouch
8 count box colored pencils
Student scissors
Large pencil eraser
Facial tissue
#2 pencils
3-hole paper - wide ruled

5th Grade
Crayons - regular, 16 count
4 oz. White liquid glue
12" ruler - metric and inches
3-hole paper - wide ruled, 3 pkg.
#2 pencils - pkg. 24
Pens - 2 black or blue ink (not erasable)
3 ring metal binder (not a "Trapper Keeper") 1 1/2" - 2"
Pencil cap erasers
1 box of fine tip markers
1 hand held pencil sharpener
Pencil pouch or box
Colored pencils - 8 count
Student scissors
Subject dividers - 1 set
Facial tissue - 1 large box
*File boxes - 3 1/2" x 5" box
*3 x 5 cards - 1 pkg. of 100

* = Herrin's Class Only

6th Grade
Crayons - regular 16 count
4 oz. white glue
Ruler - metric and inches
3 hole paper (wide ruled) 3 pkgs.
#2 pencils - pkg. of 24
Pens - 2 black or blue ink
6 folders with pockets
Colored pencils - 12 count
Color markers - 8 count
Student scissors
Large pencil erasers
Facial tissues - 2 boxes

Spanish Classes
Crayons - 1 box
Markers - 1 box
Colored pencils - 1 box
Glue Sticks - 1
Folders and lined paper  Or
Notebook with lined paper
Box tissues

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Conventional clothing that is neat and clean is acceptable.  Clothing should be comfortable and fit properly.  The wearing of strapless dresses, tank tops, spaghetti straps, bare midriffs, shorts which do not touch the knees, or long-tailed shirts worn outside of pants is prohibited.
Trousers or pants that touch any part of the knee are acceptable.  The minimum skirt, dress or culottes length must be in close proximity to the knee area.  Students are not allowed to wear clothing that displays any illegal substance, alcoholic beverage, profane words, obscene gestures, or clothing that promotes inappropriate behavior.

Neat haircuts properly trimmed around the ears and neck is encouraged for the boys.  This permits latitude in the length of hair.  If hairstyle interferes with vision or necessitates continuous brushing aside, it does not meet standards.  Hair curlers will not be worn to school.

Headdress (for example, hats, caps, scarves, etc) is unacceptable inside school buildings.  Clothing or Earrings that are deemed hazardous or dangerous due to extreme length, size, or shape and therefore could cause injury to the wearer are prohibited.

For purposes of health and safety, shoes must be worn at school.
Wearing of sunglasses inside school buildings is unacceptable.

The reporting of dress code infractions shall be the responsibility of the student's teachers or school principal.  A member of the administrative office will contact the parent or guardian of the student to determine a constructive resolution.

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