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Choosing A Community Address Line - Our First Poll.  And Results.



Reply from Supervisor Pat Call regarding the request to the Board of Supervisors to issue a directive to Cochise County Rural Addressing to change the community name from Hereford to Palominas for streets that lie within the Palominas Fire District.  We thank Supervisor Call for his timely reply and for this information.

April 20, 2001

Hello -

I'm sending this message to both the Petroskis and the Snyders because you both sent virtually the same message at the same time.

I appreciate your interest in this and your taking the time to contact me.  As you both are probably aware, Tommy Stoner has recently contacted me on this same matter.  The bottom line is that Qwest has a policy regarding zip codes and communities  that they will NOT change.  People in the county's planning department have been trying to get it changed for the last 4 years. The Qwest policy states: "The community name used is the primary Postal
Community Name for the zip code for the area."  Qwest is adamant on this point even though it is causing problems in rural communities across this county.

Apparently Mr. Stoner had been told by managers of SCC and AMC - contractors to Qwest - that rural names COULD be used rather than the "Postal Community Name".  When the Qwest manager was informed of this, she said the contractors were in error and that Qwest would not change their policy. 
Unfortunately, the county has no authority to force Qwest to change their policy.  So, until either Qwest changes their policy or  a new company comes in with a new policy there is nothing that can be done.  If the policy changes, I have been assured that the county will immediately (it will take about a week) change the 911 listing to reflect local designations. 

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.
Pat Call.



View Information & What brought this question up.

When addressing your (Post Office) mail, would you like to be able to use 'Palominas, AZ 85615', or would you prefer continue using 'Hereford, AZ 85615'?  Mailers and mail recipients that use the zip code 85615 would be able to use either Palominas or Hereford as the bottom address line.

(As of 3/01/01, the results are Palominas 13, Hereford 1)
Click HERE for the latest status on this question.

Please select your choice below and click on the 'Submit' button.   Thanks!

  1. Choose one of the following mail addressing options:

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  • I would like to be able to write the last line of my address as
    Palominas, AZ  85615
    Instead of:
    Hereford, AZ  85615
    because I live in Palominas and not Hereford.

    I recently requested information from the United States Postal Service (USPS) Address Management Internet Support.  Here is a copy of their response:
    The local post office would have to submit the request to the AMS
    office for your area in order to have the database changed.

         Thank you,
         Internet Support
         Address Management
    It appears that if enough people in the Palominas area wanted this
    change, it would be a simple matter for our local Postmaster to request the change.  I am interested in finding out if there are others in the Palominas area that would like to be able to write their address as Palominas instead of Hereford.

    If I understand correctly, this would not change the name of our Post
    Office.  It would only  allow us to write our addresses with either
    Palominas or Hereford and our mail would still get to us.  It may be
    necessary to circulate a petition in order to persuade our local
    Postmaster to cooperate.

    This would be an "Alternate Bottom Line" for those who live in
    Palominas and wish to use it.

    Tommy Stoner

Here is the latest activity (Tommy Stoner & James Arndt, Feb. 28)

I just talked with Joan, the AMS specialist for the 85615 ZIP code.

She assured me that, if we are approved to use Palominas as an alternate bottom line, it would not be necessary for the Post Office to do things any differently than they are currently doing things.

I questioned her explicitly about the situation.  She said that, if we get Palominas as an alternate bottom line, everyone in the 85615 area could use either Palominas or Hereford in the bottom line of their address.  Those who want to keep Hereford could, and those who want to switch to Palominas can.

She said that Hereford would still show up as the "Preferred" address,
but Palominas would become a valid address line.

There is one difference in the information that I received from her and the information that I received from the national office.  She said that we, the people of Palominas, have to send her a letter requesting the change instead of our Postmaster.

I asked her if it would be better if our Postmaster sent the letter, and she said that the we, the people of Palominas, must make the request, not our Postmaster.

She said that she already spoke with our Postmaster and informed him
about this.

She said that she cannot approve our request, but she would have to forward it on to her supervisor for approval.  She said that if there is another town with the name Palominas in Arizona that it would not be approved because it would create confusion.  She gave an example of Apache and Apache Junction.

She said that our letter must have our phone number included.  She said that we didn't have to circulate a petition, but it would be good to include an estimate of how many addresses are in the 85615 area and how many people would like to use Palominas as their alternate bottom line.  It might be necessary to get a sign up list of some sort and take some kind of poll whether by phone or mail so we could have some basis for our statement in the letter.

I could use some suggestions on how to go about estimating the number of people who want to switch to Palominas.  Keeping this ball rolling, is important, so if we want this to happen, we need to get a letter drafted and sent as soon as possible.

Joan said that she wanted only one letter if possible.  It would just cause trouble if several people wrote letters, so we need to draft one letter and have several key people sign it who can represent all who want to use Palominas as their address.

Doug, are you good at writing letters?  I would be willing to help in any way I can, or if you prefer, I could write it and get input from others.

We received some press space from the Sierra Vista rag about the meeting last Saturday. Why don't we contact them and see if they would print a follow-up story for us ????  We could ask for input for the A.B.L., boast about the Palominas Web page, and put in a plug about the Yahoo site.


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