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The above 'egroup' is an email type bulletin-board in which only members receive email from other members of Palominas yahoo Group. You use your existing address. I am also a member other egroups and this is a good way to exchange news and get questions answered or discussed.



A community is defined as:
"....a locality in which a body of people resides in more or less proximity having common interests in such services as public health, public protection, fire protection and water which bind together the people of the area, and where the people are acquainted and mingle in business, social, educational and recreational activities."
The above definition as it is defined under Arizona state law.
We hope that this web site contributes a small part in getting our growing community more acquainted and united for our common interests. I believe that one common interest is to keep the rural charm, country lifestyle, and quality of life that is found here in Palominas. 

Over the coming weeks and months, I am hoping that in addition to our input to this site, ALL residents of the Palominas community will feel comfortable in contributing to the content found on the site.  By this I mean any activities or events planned within Palominas, photographs of scenic or historical merit (people and/or places), historical stories about early settlers, ranchers, and outlaws! The site's History pages will soon fill (I hope) with all the information some long time residents can provide, and it will help preserve the long heritage of this beautiful community.

All of the sections listed to the left will be expanded as time permits, and as suggestions and content contributions are received. Currently, there are maps of the Fire District and of the School District, and more will be added (if needed).  In the Gallery pages are photos of the people and places of Palominas. The area schools will also be included  as well as links to county and state services.  Please feel free to contact me about adding anything that you think would help to make this community website the best in Arizona!

Palominas is a small rural community, and I'm sure the majority of us would like to keep it that way.  The population might be just over 1,000 (not counting horses, cattle, and dogs!), but I'm sure just a few short years ago, it was well under 500!

Please participate in your own way by providing either historical or activity information and to contribute to and keep alive the legacy and heritage of Palominas.  A community that is informed is a community that weathers the storm, and storm clouds always seem to be gathering on our horizons, and not only from the south!

Feb 7, 2001: In the brief period of time that this site has been on the internet, there have been (mostly friendly) remarks made by a few residents that since Palominas( a fictitious place) now has its 'global' web page (not intentional, I assure you), this will attract many more people to the community, and eventually erode the rural character and beauty which we cherish so highly and want to preserve.
Well, for those of you visiting this site who are thinking of relocating here, I can only offer this advice: except for this paragraph, everything on  this website is a hoax - there is no Palominas, Arizona.  It used to exist, but the rattlesnake, scorpion, and grasshopper population got so out of hand, everyone left or got eaten.  Also, during the large earthquake of 1887, the land subsided so much that great crevasses' exist just inches below the surface, and their lower depths have never been detected.  Record keeping on the number of lost souls was ended in 1975 when the recorder himself mysteriously disappeared.  So this site was created only as a 'front' to cover its real intent - to promote the beauty, charm, and rural character that can only be found in or around Phoenix. 

The folks that started this website are Doug and Jean Snyder, out at the (free) Palominas Observatory on E. Orion Terrace.  My wife Jean and I are residents of Palominas ( since December 1999), and we want to make this the best community website in Arizona!  I believe we can with your neighborly assistance! Your suggestions, content contributions, feedback, and comments (positive or negative) are MOST ENCOURAGED and WELCOME. In fact, they are absolutely ESSENTIAL in making this site work for everyone in the community!! (Our photo is now on the Gallery pages)

Palominas Discussion Group (Via group email, not a chat room)

Feb 25, 2001: I urge everyone in Palominas to join with your neighbors and become part of the discussion group 'Palominas".  If you don't, you may miss voicing your (important) thoughts on an issue or story you feel is important! It is not a 'chat room' and there is only a few emails a week.  It is easy to do, and also to undo, if you care not to participate.  But it is an great avenue to ask questions, and get them answered by other folks in the community, and find out more information that may not be on the website.  We can, and are, discussing many community issues and events via an email connection, and you do not have to acquire a new email address or get new software. To join or just get information, just click on the 'Yahoo' button to the left.  There are many topics we know need to be discussed such as the border issues, roads, growth, neighborhood associations, schools, phone service, county services - there's no limit!  But it doesn't all have to be serious either.  Please join in!  If you're not sure, or having difficulties signing on, call us (366-5788) or email.



For information about,  or comments on this website, please email
We want to extend our sincere  THANKS to all the community sponsors!
These merchants, individuals, families, and friends of Palominas daily reflect our community pride!

The Morning Star Cafe
Matthew & Brenda Pratt

Casa de San Pedro 
Bed & Birding
Hereford Realty
Jackie Collins (Owner/Broker)
Judi MacNeil
Long Realty
Copper Queen Community Hospital
Bisbee, Arizona
Raymond Candell
Doug & Jean Snyder
Judy Combs
Four Feathers Realty, L.C.
Keith & Teresa Mullen
Palominas Child Care
Debbie Stoner
The Bisbee Doll Doctor
Ellen S. Logue
Rockin JP Ranch, Inc.
Joe & Patty Scelso
Canyon General Convenience Stores Neal Galt Insurance Big Wheels Construction
Backhoe Service & More
Bob & Jan Bullard Shady & Jack Chapman Jim & Jan Arndt