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Sharon Dale, Palominas, Arizona

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Automatic Pilot


 It’s the time of year to hold dear
Close to your heart the ones who had fear… 

Those who died and those who are lost
And all of those who died for our freedom’s cost.. 

The young and the old and the weak and the bold
Those who live without limbs and the stories to be told…



The days  that have gone by and the folks  who have died
The ones who gave their all side by side… 

The large ones and small ones and the black and the white
Not to leave out those who fought the good fight…

The first war and the second and the names all to mention
Bring memories to all and some, some dissention… 

The cost of our freedom is a debt always to be paid
And the pages to witness are the crosses in graves that are laid…


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow will bring happiness and sorrow
For the will of all humankind…

But in the mix of the commons and the rich and the poor
You will find God standing beside you

And knocking at your door…. 


                        By: S.A.Dale  6/27/02

Automatic Pilot  

When life dishes out the hard times
And you're not ready for the "hit"...
God gives us the mindful ability

To always manage to handle “it”… 

He always stands right there beside us
In all that happens in our life…

No matter if it’s happy
Or when it brings on that awful strife…

When my father died so suddenly
The suddenness of his departure
Brought on such gut wrenching grief…
That I found myself just going  through the motions
As  life  seemed like an endless time of disbelief… 

Somehow I managed to make it through
The moments of the following days…
In actuality I was just walking through
In what some would call,  “a haze”… 

I tend to think of it as running on “Automatic Pilot”
That place where life seems to just stand  still…
Where you keep going through the motions
And you physically are moving simply by shear will… 

And all the while you are never alone
As you are guided from here to there…
And in your every move and motion

God’s loving hand is healing  your every despair…

                                                                                    By: S.A.Dale  6/27/02 



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