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Sharon Dale, Palominas, Arizona
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Do This In Remembrance To Me.... 


No One Hears...

The Birds Are Singing A Song For You...

Thru The Eyes...

God's Beautiful Flowers



Do This In Remembrance Of Me ..

I have not forgotten how it came to be
My journey with the Lord...…
It has taken me many miles you see
For my uplifting to be underscored... 

I have come to understand the lessons
That have been taught and I have learned..
Some were hard and awful sad
And some were tearful and oh so bad.
But I must confess to this end
That is was only in the Lord that I could depend.. 

The day I came into the church
And sat upon the pew..
I gazed upon the cross and my eyes
Caught a special view..
The writing on the table hit my heart
With such an awesome blow..

Do this in remembrance of me

Was what my Lord did wish to show..

These 6 little words that are powerful in line
Have touched me forevermore you see..
I will never be the same at heart
Nor be the same ole me..
For I have been forever changed
And in the Lord I am now apart.. 

Therefore, I tell you with all my being
And with tears that still stream down my cheeks..
That these are not just only words
But the Lords of those he speaks.. 

It is the lesson to be received
And to share with one another..
For if we truly take to heart the lessons that we learn..
Then life will be much easier
And the Lord we will never spurn..

                                                By: S.A.Dale 02/26/02


Attending church on a weekly basis
Is what people most often do…
But just going to the building every Sunday
Only holds a place in Heaven for the rightful few..

For you see it stands to reason
That attending is like a function as some have come to view..
But I tell you there is still only room
For the rightful precious few..

Oh there is Sunday School for the children
And the same for the Adults too you see..
But you have to do more than attend the classes
For your heart and mind must also be free…

Oh, were not perfect and God knows that to be a fact
He only made us in his image as you know..
He gave us free will and his trust..
That stands to reason that our body is human
And the mind can turn into "rust"..

To redefine this to understand
Is a simple word that explains it all…
To be the rightful one going to Heaven
We must chip all that "rust" to stop the fall..

We read the Bible and listen to Gods' words
And "try" to live by his law…
But being the "humans" that we are
Leaves us lacking in most of them all..

This isn't a lecture not even a request
It's just a statement of fact you see…
That knowing what you know 
And living as we must
Requires that we chip off all that stuff we call "rust"..
By: S.A.Dale    03/08/02

No One Hears
No one hears the others' cries
They only choose to hate and listen to lies…
The loss and grieving that keeps going on
Is an awful life lead by a hateful throng..

The killing of each other is a sight no one should see
Such anger is growing amongst the people
Each moment, each day, each week…

No one hears, No one hears
There is no seeing
There is only hate and tears…

Mothers cry and scream out loud
And  their children learn to hate…
Oh the fathers they don't hear the war
They don't even truly try to relate..

The politicians blame each other
And they send their soldiers out to kill…
And they say it's in the name of God
But to me it's certainly against Gods' will…

The time is coming in this Eastern land
That to live a life will be a short strand…
The two peoples have to live as one
In this place where God left his one and only son…

If people keep bitterness in their heart
It will grow and fester never to depart..
There can never be peace and love in this place
Until Gods' only Sons peace,  love,  and his grace,
Is replaced in their hearts instead of
All this hate…

No one hears, No one hears
There is no seeing
There is only hate and tears…

I pray and I pray each and every day
That God will touch their hearts and move them to pray..
To not be greedy and to give up the past
And to understand the future
In God, the beginning the present and the ultimate last..
				By: S.A.Dale 03/13/02

The birds are singing a song for you
In the trees and the feeder and the windows too.. 

They sing for you on this special of days
For they know as we know, you are a mom of all ways.. 

Oh these tiny hummers they flit round about
They move here and there
Just like you have done raising three kids without a doubt.. 

They know as we know that your love of their life
Is not only shown in their care
But that of a mother, grandmother and  a wonderful wife..

These feathered fellows and girl birdies we call friends
Are sending you a message from us in the south end... 

They are humming a song of love, honor and respect
For the years you have been given 
And for the many many years you have left..

They are winnng in song with their wee little wings
A  message from your daughter 
Of all the fond memories of things.. 

So mom. your special Hummers are here just for you
To sing you a sweet song of a melody true.. 

They sing it with  joy and with pride as a friend..
But to you, they sing it from me

Because you are not only my mother
But my very best friend...

                     By: S.A.Dale   3/20/02

One can see of the trials that a man has gone thru
By looking in his eyes of the miles that are not few… 

The tear stained cheeks that beset his face
Show the tracks of emotion that in this man it does trace… 

His losses have been many and his joys there are too
For he was so fortunate to have a family
Of a wife and children that were many or few… 

Some say the eyes are the windows to one’s soul
And the shadow that you see is a sight to behold… 

For you see the joy and the sorrow in the life of this man
Began at his birth in a far far away land… 

He has seen life given and life taken and life spared many times
He has also given and he has taken the lives too, of mankind… 

Women and children some he has not known
Have perished in the land that he too, lost his very own… 

He wonders what the purpose of this life he is living
For the brutality of it all and the lack of forgiving… 

He still lives on in the darkness and the loss of many souls
And he prays everyday for an answer to be told… 

He does not give up even though life seems to worsen
The bombs and the bullets and even the “cursin”… 

He keeps his strength and his belief in his God from above
That even through hatred there seems to be love… 

For they too had wives and children of their own
And they too have seen sorrow and death to the bone… 

So the look in their eyes and the soul is the same 
Yet the war goes on and on and to each they still blame ??

                                                By: S.A.Dale  03/30/02

God’s Beautiful Flowers


The petals on this flower are so dainty for the dew
The translucence of the color brings to bear a special hue…
The stem of green is dark and strong
To hold the dainty flower…
Just like the strength of love our moms’ do have
With  love and undaunting  power… 

So tall and strong and solid
Is the frame of our mother dear….
She stands for all that’s  loving 
And for all that’s not always quite so clear… 

Her  arms  and leg s  are like the petals
Of the flower itself you see…
They reach for the sun and protect from the rain
And hold all in her heart,  that of her family…. 

She has many strands to her being  you know
She shines like the stars and reaps just what she sows…
Her life is not easy for in many she must take care
For it is in her life that God does keep her fair… 

So our mother’s are like the flowers
which  are held by stems and many leaves…
They hold their beauty and strength for all
And give to those who wish to receive… 

For God gave us our mother’s
And I thank him everyday…
For without MY “special mother”
My life may not have turned out in  God’s  precious way…

                                                By: S.A.Dale  5/2/02



You’re one of a kind
A wonderful fellow…
With a great sense of humor
And most of the time
You are quite mellow!!! 

When I was born, mom said, “You were oh so proud”
You told everyone and shouted with glee

It’s a boy … It’s a girl…

Yes, Confused you can be
But no matter whatever…
You are all the world to me…

You can be firm and funny at best
I know in my years of growing
Oh, your metal I could test…

 Coming home late and denting the car
Now those weren’t just the small things
OH not by far…. 

From birth until toddler you guided me so

You held me up high
And made my heart glow…

 When the hormones kicked in
    You began to fade out…
I do believe I can remember a bit of a “shout”…

 Oh, but Dad, you’re so special
And I wouldn’t trade you for all the world…
Your love and your strength and your honesty true
Makes me see what I have

And what God saw too…

By: S. A. Dale  5/29/02 

Happy Father’s Day….   




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