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These 'Gift' Pages are open to all residents who
write, collect, paint, draw, photograph, or engage
in any pastime in which they would like to share
their achievements or results with others.
On these first pages, we share the works of Sharon Dale, a
longtime resident of Palominas.

Wonderful News!  Palominas resident & newly published AUTHOR Sharon A. Dale announces the release of her book of inspirational poems,
It is published by PLEASANT WORD and is available now! 
Congratulations to Sharon!! 
The 100 page hardcover book can be ordered by calling 1-877-421-7323. 
Also at major booksellers :  and  

I've done a page of 'star poetry' too!  

Sharon Dale, Palominas, Arizona
More of Sharon's Poems
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Finishing Touches
Is It To Much To Handle
In Just One Moment
The Right Side
What's In A Face
Lonely Is?
Are You Ready?
My Dad
I Found This Interesting
The Honest Truth...
A Struggle
Yes...And The Worts Too
Are You A Bit Confused?
A 2001 Giving of Thanks...
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We were made with tender loving care
And God is with us even in our despair…
We can be compared to a carpenter’s work
Rough, hard, soft and grains with many quirks…
A friend of mine once said to me
It’s like God uses "sandpaper" to shape me and thee…
He has to smooth out those ole rough edges
And get rid of the holes and the ugly ole wedges…
Some of the shavings try to come back
But God seems to know just where and when to whack…
We're a tough lot to be made perfect for him
And we give him a tussle even when cleaned and trimmed…
But God never gives up he’s our carpenter you see
So just think of yourself as his "work in progress"
And hopefully one day you’ll be flawless and pure
Cause that’s what Jesus died for…for your sins you can be sure…
						By: S. A. Dale   12/16/00


The sadness that surrounds us
Seems to come in bunches like grapes…
That’s what my mother always use to call it
When there seemed but no escape… 

First there is a financial worry
And then a very sick friend…
Oh! and then a death in the family


Screaming seems to be the voice for the day
As nothing else seems to be working…
But as we are taught but seem to have forgotten
Our faith should be somewhere in there lurking….!! 

God never gives us any more than we can handle
Another of my mother’s words when I was distraught…
Ya know she was awful smart to remind me of our Lord
Cause don’t ya know … at times like these
I am ashamed to say, the Lord, I had forgot…. 

It seems the older we get, the more insightful we become
Or could it be that finally…we think before we jump…
Or could it be that it’s just plain love
That seeps into our hearts
And yes, just maybe it could be
That we finally opened our eyes and our hearts
To the one and only “I AM”….
Our Lord and Heavenly Father
To him we’ve become apart….

                                                    By: S.A. Dale   2/06/01


In Just One Moment 

In a twinkling of an eye
Or a fleeting loving glance…
One just has to think
That one particular moment may not be by chance…. 

You meet someone so sweet and kind
That they endear themselves right to your heart…
That in a twinkling of an eye
And you can’t pass them by
That you both will become one at the start… 

That’s kinda what getting to know God is like
He’s the twinkling of an eye…
He’s that one moment of chance
That if you don’t reach out and grab him
It might just be your last moments glance…. 

                                       By: S. A. Dale  3/3/01

The Right Side

 It’s not always easy to do what’s always right
Nor is it always right to do what is so easy…
And therein becomes the fight
The devil on one side and the Mighty God on the right…

In the beginning a wee babe was born
And grew and roamed the earth..
He knew his place in the beginning
Yes, I might say, right from his virgin birth… 

His destiny was set
His path was clear to him..
He was thrice tempted by the evil one
And each time he kept his  faith
To save us all from our sins on earth
He chose nails over the temptations 
Of what would have been his fate...


The cross he carried for us all
And took ridicule and cursing from all around…
He shed his blood and cried out loud
And hung between two thieves that did surround… 

OH, Glorious God Almighty
He did save Jesus his son… 
Jesus died on the cross
So all was not lost…

And he now sets….at the right hand …
Not the cross !!!


By S. A. Dale  3/17/01


A picture in the paper
Struck my eye the other day…
Unfortunately it was in the obituaries
Where all our names will end in some way…. 

There was a picture of a man in his youth
And then one before his death…
Oh how the years do show
Just how life has left us sometimes quite bereft… 

The lines of the times do show on the face
The worries, the work, and the love and sometimes the grace…
It shows how the years have taken its’ toll
And molded this person no matter how old… 

From birth thru the years
We manage to learn
We manage to live and sometimes too yearn…
For the reason and reality of why we are here
And just what is the purpose of the life we sometimes fear…

 The only answers are questions just to be asked
Maybe just maybe it’s not such a great task….
My theory is just don’t look to far ahead
For today is the day that God made for us all
So maybe one should not question
Because it is so precious
And God is ever present
And it is “HE” who makes the call….

                                    By: S.A.Dale  03/27/01


Lonely is not being two
Nor having to share with another…
It’s only having one to watch out for
And missing the comfort of the other…

Lonely is sleeping alone
Not being able to share your dreams….
It’s having the whole bed alone
And there’s no one to hear your nightmare screams….

Lonely is feeling lost
And staring off into space…
It’s hard to be just one
In this couples human race…

Into this life I came in as one
And out of this life I shall go just the same…
But I shall not forget he will never let me go
Cause my Lord has been with me since I came…

By: S.A. Dale 04/18/01

Are You Ready? 

Do you have your affairs in order?
Have you given yourself to God?
Do you know what lies ahead?
Do you know whom to rely upon? 

Do you know who died on the cross?
For all our sins and grief he did bear…
Do you know that he shed his blood?
So that we could all live in his father’s care… 

Do you know that after three days?
He arose and lived again…
Only this time he sets at the right hand
Of his father the great Lord “I AM”… 

If you believe and live the life
The way our Lord so wants us too…
Then you won’t be left behind
And suffer with the wretched few….

                                                  By: S.A.Dale  5/9/01


I never realized until I got older
Just how much my Dad meant to me…
I guess it takes some growing up
For me to understand the love
That I know he always has had, you see… 

When I was very little and sometimes really bad
Or even when I was oh so good
He still showed me all the love he had…
And the older I get and live my life too
I then too began to understand the reason for my Dads’ rules… 

I guess it just takes bonding
And the learning of boundaries that he has set…
And the rules and regulations
That use to make me try the pouting effect
And then just angrily and quietly walk away
With youthful unknown regret… 

Youth can be so unworthy
Of even having a “parent” at all…
But God gave our Dads unconditional love
So that he could help us learn and learn well…
It’s a wonderful gift God did give us though
So that we would have a hand to soften life’s fall…

                                                   By: S. A. Dale 5/16/01


You don’t have to be righteous to have a road named after you
But blood had to be spilled
And a cross had to be carried
And viscous language and lies had to be done
So our precious Lord gave the life of his one and only Son…
To rid us of our sins

And lead us back to him
For it is the last of the last 
And the best of the best
Cause if you don’t get it now
The road you have been on, just may not be blessed… 

                             By: S. A. Dale   7/3/01


Just what exactly is the “Honest Truth”
Is it an answer for all that is an issue moot… 

Or is it what one thinks someone wants to hear
Or what someone you think just cannot bear… 

Do you think it has been lost for some time
By the lack of commitment to our faith
Or do you think greed makes for an easier rhyme… 

I know the truth of a few things
That we are a society of commercial telephone rings… 

A time that is crammed with running here and there
And where are the children…does “everyone” care…. 

I know that life goes on when a loved one dies
I know that even if they are saved hearts they do cry…. 

I know that life without God would be mean, angry and sad
OH…do you suppose I just described what we have… 

                                                            By: S. A. Dale  7/3/01


Have you ever been in a bind
I mean not in body but in mind? 

Have you ever wondered how to live
I mean not with money but just to daily give… 

Have you ever cried out loud
OH MY GOD….I am so lost and really need to be found…. 

Have you ever bent over in despair
Only to find that someone really is there… 

Have you ever felt so sad and had forgotten how to smile
Only to be told that your sadness will only last just a little while… 

Have you ever known a struggle
And felt its awful sting…

Only to have the comfort that only our dear Lord can bring… 

                                       By: S.A.Dale  9/21/01


It’s sometimes easy to look at beauty
And behold the wonder of its all…
But behind all  the luster and the powder
Is the truth that can actually be lead to a fall… 

In my youth I was at times in awe
Of  those whose smooth and easy ways…
Always seemed so pleasing to the masses
And were popular in their life as if to say…. 

“Look at me” I’m here you see
And I’m sure I’m all that you want me to be…
But don’t look to close for you might not like
The truth that is actually within…

For it’s easy to mask the imperfections
But sometimes it hard to live in my skin… 

So with all we are given
And with all we perceive…
It’s always better to look beyond the beauty
And deal with the reality
Than to live in the make believe… 

So to love and to feel
And to know what is so real…
You just have to take the large and the small
And even those “worts” one and all… 

                                    By: S.A.Dale  10/19/01



Have you ever tried to make sense
Of just about everything in your life…
Have you ever wondered just what it was
That kept your life in such a state of strife… 

When you have too much time to set and think
And ponder the seconds, minutes and moments in your day…
That’s when it’s the best of times
To get down on your knees and 
Bow your head and pray… 

Oh, God always hears your words you know
And he answers your every quest…
It may not be in the time you want
But in his time, it is always best… 

He feels your every need
And knows what’s in your heart…
And in that upon the cross he died
So we would never ever be apart…


By: S.A.Dale  10/28/01


This year has come and gone so fast
It really takes one aback….
The trials and triumps that have occurred to all
Brings me to one important fact…. 

The loses that we have all felt this year
And the times they are getting harder and harder…
I can only tell you that this is a special time
That we should all give a special “Thanks” to our Heavenly Father… 

If it weren’t for him the loses would have been greater
And our sadness and anger would have torn us apart…
But instead of fighting against his law 
And lowering ourselves to the Osama…
We arose out of ashes and claimed all our own
As we prayed to God as he fed us his heavenly manna… 

So as we gather this day and have fellowship together
We extend a hand and a heart to each and everyone…
For this is the year unlike others we have known
That we praise God and his heavenly son… 

I ask just one thing to each one and all
To reach out and touch with a gentleness and kind…
And remember to savor the love and the spirit
That in this Thanksgiving you will surely find… 

GOD BLESS… S.A.Dale  11/4/01



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