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The above 'egroup' is an email type bulletin-board in which only members receive email from other members of Palominas yahoo Group. You use your existing address. I am also a member other egroups and this is a good way to exchange news and get questions answered or discussed.


A photo taken on July 30, 1968 during a visit to the Palominas cattle crossing by actor John Wayne.
He was here to purchase cattle crossing from Mexico.  Pictured (left to right) with Mr. Wayne are 
Nacho Molina (son of Ignacio), Ignacio Molina (owner of cattle ranch in Cananea) and Ralph Wingfield,
a ranch owner in Nogales Arizona and Mexico. Photo courtesy of Joe Scelso, Rockin JP Ranch..
A present day photo of the 'remains' of some of the cattle pens used in Palominas, east of the San Pedro
River, and right along the border with Mexico.  Photo courtesy of Joe Scelso, Rockin JP Ranch.


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