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The above 'egroup' is an email type bulletin-board in which only members receive email from other members of Palominas yahoo Group. You use your existing address. I am also a member other egroups and this is a good way to exchange news and get questions answered or discussed.



Patty & Joe Scelso at their arena on the Rockin JP Ranch. Always something going on here, where cattle and  riding horses are fun! Along with many cattle events, the Rockin JP Ranch hosts horse and riding events such as this training session the day I was there. The San Pedro Ranch Supply, also known as the 'feed store' carries hardware of every variety and items for your horse and cattle friends. At the San Pedro Ranch Supply on Hwy92,  Laurie Taylor, Owner, & Andrea Schwarz, Manager, pause in their busy day to give us a big smile!
Here are the members of the Palominas Volunteer Fire District Board: Dave Guy, Don Mott(Chairman), Jack Chapman, and Ed York.  The officers of the PVFD shown here are Doug Krebs (Training), James Leiendecker (Chief), and Tommy Stoner (Assistant Chief) Bill Miller, Fry Fire District Assistance Chief, instructs PVFD personnel on hazardous material awareness. These folks spend many unpaid hours training & protecting Palominas. Thanks! Also always on the job, and responding where needed are officers of the Border Patrol.  Their presence is well appreciated, and I don't think they ever have a slow day!


From the foothills of the Huachuca Mountains, here is a view towards the southeast region of Palominas and San Jose Peak in Mexico. At an elevation of 5300 ft on a hill nestling against the Huachuca's is Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine. The Cross is 75' high. The Chapel stands close by. Next to the Cross and Chapel  is a 31 ft high statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In this picture, I caught the Sun directly behind her statue, which highlights her halo. Looking out across Palominas towards the east.  This vantage point from behind the cross shows much of the valley we treasure as our home.


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Bisbee, Arizona
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