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Here is the start of another series of photographs taken in our Palominas neighborhoods.  Hope you find them interesting! As on the other pages, click on the small image to view a larger rendition.

Palominas School District Photos & News

Five exemplary students from Valley View School were honored by Principal Martin Ellsworth and the Palominas School District Board, as well as their parents and other residents attending the February 6 meeting of the School Board.
This recognition of their school spirit, their positive attitudes, and notable efforts in such areas as setting good examples to others and making sound decisions both in their school and personal lives is well deserved. Congratulations!

From left to right, we present: Kaitlyn Boyer, 2nd Grade; Jennifer Stacey, 8th Grade; Kaylee Hibbert, 5th Grade; Alicia Burghardt, 7th Grade, and Tyler Utterback, 4th Grade.

The Palominas School District Board as it met on the evening of February 6, 2001, at Coronado School.  The members conduct a most orderly, friendly, and effective meeting, and were kind enough to provide a brief recess to allow me to take the picture of the well deserving students on the left. The board members are: Liz Jones, Debbie Greer, Martie Payne, Vicky Pickett, and Bo Hall.  In addition to parents and other folks from the community, also at the meeting were Kathy Moore ( District Superintendent), Dee Puff (Administrative Assistant for District Functions, Curriculum and Assessment), Alice Anderson (Principal of Coronado School), Mark Schuttner (Principal of Palominas School), Martin Ellsworth (Principal of Valley View School), and Lucinda Carberry from the District Office.

STUDENT POPULATION OF THE THREE SCHOOLS IN THE PALOMINAS SCHOOL DISTRICT AS OF JANUARY 2001: Palominas School: 428; Valley View School: 186; Coronado School: 414.  Total: 1,028.


Hey folks, don't be bashful about asking me to post some of your photos of local scenes, sunsets, sunrises, and family.  Photos that are already in digital form (say, taken with a digital camera or previously scanned) can be attached to an email and sent along with a description, or   photographic prints can be safely scanned and returned to you. If you have slides, I can arrange to have these scanned also. 

Some of the people and places of Palominas you should get to know!
After enjoying a most delicious meal and a piece of Pam's mouthwatering pie at the Trading Post, the Leiendecker's, (from right to left) James, Becky and Joseph are too relaxed to toss out Paparazzi Doug before he grabs this shot!  James is the Fire Chief of the Palominas Volunteer Fire Department, and Becky,  the Lead Dispatch.
The building in the next frame is Fire Station #1 on Palominas Rd, where all Fire Department related meetings are held.
This building, just recently dedicated, is the Palominas Observatory. It is home to several telescopes, including one with a 20" mirror that shows fantastic views of the night skies. The observatory is owned by Doug & Jean Snyder, and is open free of charge to the public. This picture shows the roof rolled off to the north, which then opens the observatory interior to the beautiful Palominas sky. To the right are Doug & Jean & good buddy, Worf. Here is a recent picture of (almost) Moonset in the west while the Sun was just rising in the east. This was taken just outside of the Palominas Observatory after a long night of neat stargazing.
We are very fortunate, and proud,  to have many residents who love and own horses, and the land available to ride them.  Here are two young ladies out for an afternoon ride in 'downtown' Palominas after a long day in school.  We find Erin, on the left, atop alabaster Casper, and Angie, on the right, with her trusty steed, Nugget.
I'll be out looking for more riders along the back roads of Palominas, so keep those horses groomed!


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