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Now Partitioned Into Two 'Exhibit Halls'

    • The Photo Gallery (starting on this page)

    • Gifts From The Heart of Our Community
      Pages dedicated to recognizing those in our community that are sharing their unique gift of enhancing our lives, our knowledge, and the human experience.

PHOTO GALLERY 1 (Click HERE for gallery index)

An introduction is included below, as well as a brief description of the contents of some of the pages.  In addition to these photos, there are other photos on the 'Palominas Skies' page and on the 'Observatory' Page.
If you have photos that you would like included on these pages, please don't be bashful! Contact me here at the web site, and we'll be pleased to scan them and post them.

Palominas, February, 2001

Overlooking the community of Palominas.
This view is looking east towards the Mule Mountains.
State Route 92 is near the right side of the picture.


An aerial view of 'downtown'
Palominas in the year 2001
Click on image to view larger

These pages will feature loads of photos taken of the many scenic locales found in Palominas, and probably some that you won't find so scenic.  But they are a part of that rural character that helps define a community.  There will be aerial photographs, and hopefully, I will be able to post some historical photos from folks that have lived here for many years and know how it use to be!  So not only do I want to show what Palominas is at the turn of the 21st century, I want to be able to show what it was at the turn of the 20th century and in-between!

If you have, or know of someone with, photographs from any period prior to the year 2001, PLEASE contact me and I will be able to scan them and return them without any damage.  Once scanned, they can be placed on the web site (with or without credit, as you desire).  PLEASE HELP IN KEEPING ALIVE THE HERITAGE OF PALOMINAS.  Email or call 366-5788.  Thank You!

Gallery Index
Click Here To Go To Gallery 2
(aerial and scenic photos of Palominas)
(Now includes two 'long-ago' aerial photos)
Gallery 3
(scenes, events & folks of Palominas)
Gallery 4
(School event, special places)
Gallery 5
(Attractions, businesses, Emergency Services)
Gallery 6
Gallery 7
Gallery 8
(Historic photos of old Hereford)
Gallery 9
(Border Monuments In Palominas)
Gallery 10
(Palominas Christmas Parade, 2001)
Gallery 11
(Palominas Community Alliance Officers)
Gallery 12
(Palominas Christmas Parade, 2002)
Gallery 13
Ash Fire, June 21, 2003
Gallery 14
John Wayne's Visit; Remains of Cattle Pens
Gallery 15
The Palominas 2004 Christmas Parade
The Palominas 2006 Independence Day Parade


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We want to extend our sincere  THANKS to all the community sponsors!
These merchants, individuals, families, and friends of Palominas daily reflect our community pride!

The Morning Star Cafe
Matthew & Brenda Pratt

Casa de San Pedro 
Bed & Birding
Hereford Realty
Jackie Collins (Owner/Broker)
Judi MacNeil
Long Realty
Copper Queen Community Hospital
Bisbee, Arizona
Raymond Candell
Doug & Jean Snyder
Judy Combs
Four Feathers Realty, L.C.
Keith & Teresa Mullen
Palominas Child Care
Debbie Stoner
The Bisbee Doll Doctor
Ellen S. Logue
Rockin JP Ranch, Inc.
Joe & Patty Scelso
Canyon General Convenience Stores Neal Galt Insurance Big Wheels Construction
Backhoe Service & More
Bob & Jan Bullard Shady & Jack Chapman Jim & Jan Arndt