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Seen in or around several Palominas yards
and our desert recently

Quickly identified by members of the Palominas egroup.
(Mastigoproctus giganteus (Lucas))
From an Internet site, this was found:

It is found primarily in west Texas especially in the Trans-Pecos region, but has been reported as far north as the Panhandle and in south Texas.Life Cycle: Eggs are carried in a sac by the female. After hatching, they ride on the female’s back similar to scorpions.Habitat, Food Source(s), Damage: Mouthparts are for chewing.Vinegaroons are nocturnal and have poor vision, relying on sensing vibrations to locate prey. They are more commonly found in desert areas but they have also been reported in grassland, scrub, pine forests, and mountains.Pest Status: Considered non-poisonous but they can pinch; capable of spraying a mist from scent glands at the base of the tail when disturbed. The mist produced by our species contains 85% concentrated acetic acid or vinegar, hence the name "vinegaroon.



August 23, 2006
In reply to the 'letter to the editor' published in the Sierra Vista Herald on 30 July, 2006, APS has sent out this information letter to its  affected customers and also to this Palominas web site.  The original letter to the editor is included below the APS letter.  For a PDF version of this APS letter, please use this link.

         A subsidiary of Pinnacle West Capital Corporation



CASA GRANDE, AZ  85222  

August 23, 2006 

Dear Valued Customer, 

I am writing to thank you for your patience as APS works to improve its electrical service in the Hereford-Palominas area. 

We recognize that you may have experienced electrical service interruptions throughout this process. Although the majority of the outages you have experienced have been weather related, some of these disruptions have occurred as we upgrade our equipment and facilities to meet the growing population -- and increased electricity usage -- in the area. 

Since 2004, APS has completed significant improvements to the electrical infrastructure serving this area, including upgrading the substation and distribution feeders; rebuilding utility poles and power lines; replacing and/or rebuilding transformers; and installing lightning arrestors to help lower the number of weather-related outages. To increase the amount of power we can import into the Hereford-Palominas area, we are constructing a new 69,000-volt transmission line that will connect to a new substation located in the Palominas area. The substation is set to be completed in 2008. 

Upon completion, total maintenance and improvements to the electric facilities in the area are estimated to exceed $7.8 million. 

I realize any power outages and momentary service interruptions are frustrating and inconvenient. However, I assure you that APS is making a considerable effort to maintain existing facilities in the area and to construct new infrastructure. We value our customers and take great pride in providing the best service possible. Should you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact Don W. Hudgins, Area Supervisor, Cochise District, at (520) 364-1536. 


Evelyn Casuga
Southeast Division Manager


Here are the APS phone numbers: Bisbee: 432-2281; 1-800-253-9405 (Report each power outage.)


To the Editor:  (SV Herald, July 30, 2006)

Are you are tired of the repeated power outages causing the lack of cooling for your home, no water if you are on a well, etc.? This is a health and sanitation issue, too. Arizona Public Service has actually admitted that the existing lines cannot handle the power demand now. Just wait until the developers start their planned push for 420-plus 1/2-acre lot, $400,000 homes in Palominas.

The promises of underground lines has turned into the huge overhead metal “lighting rod” poles they have been/are putting in. The promised new substation will not be built until 2008. Don’t believe them. They are trying to placate us and we have fallen for it for too many years. We will have to make our voices heard. Tell your representatives how you feel and that you will be expressing these feelings in the local elections. Call the Arizona Corporation Commission’s Utilities Division at 1-800-222-7000 and file a complaint. We have been working with the Arizona Corporation Commission and have been advised by the commission and the APS repair people that everyone needs to call the toll-free number below and leave a message about power outages, no water because of no well pumps, and well breakers being tripped and any other gripe you may have every time an outage occurs, no matter how brief. These are the outages that burn up your electronics, too.

Did you know APS is up for a rate hike hearing in October? Every complaint that gets filed (with the commission) will be on the docket for that review. It is especially important you do not call when you know it’s a Mother Nature thing. For a monsoon lightning outage, etc., call APS. It doesn’t matter when you call, they have an answering machine 24/7 you can talk in to. Leave your name, the time, the day, your gripe and a call-back number — if it is a long outage, call back again when it is over and leave time, date etc. again. They will call you back.

The docket for the October meeting can be viewed at . The commission will give you the exact date and time of the meeting when it becomes available. You will be able to listen to the meeting on the Internet via live streaming audio. It will be available on the commission’s home page at “Divisions” and “Utilities” on the day of the meeting.

You will not be able to speak via the Internet, so get this info to the commission now and every time it happens. The docket number for the case is E01345A05-0816.

For your information, Arizona state statute reads: “40-321. Power of commission to determine adequacy of service rendered by public service corporation; enforcement by order or regulation; duty of compliance by corporation

“A. When the commission finds that the equipment, appliances, facilities or service of any public service corporation, or the methods of manufacture, distribution, transmission, storage or supply employed by it are unjust, unreasonable, unsafe, improper, inadequate or insufficient, the commission shall determine what is just, reasonable, safe, proper, adequate or sufficient, and shall enforce its determination by order or regulation.

“B. The commission shall prescribe regulations for the performance of any service or the furnishing of any commodity and upon proper demand and tender of rates, the public service corporation shall furnish the commodity or render the service within the time and upon the conditions prescribed.”

Judy Hartman and Michelle Deerfoot








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