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Palominas Child Care
Debbie Stoner
(520) 366-5790

Child Care Center Photos (Click on Photo)
Kitchen & Debbie Play Center with Bay Window Circle Time Pledge Front Yard Play Area
Trampoline & Cars Swing Area Computer Center & Bridget Thomas Train Brio Front Porch & Swing


Palominas Child Care uses the award-winning High Reach Learning Program. High Reach is dedicated to producing high-quality educational materials for early childhood. They have been in business since 1986 and supply materials to teachers in Public Schools, Child Development Centers, Preschools, and Family Child Care Homes through out the United States.

I will be implementing a different curriculum each year, the “Caterpillars” and “Butterflies” programs.  The 2001 curriculum will feature the 'Butterflies' program.
Each program will cover several particular skills important for the growth, development and stimulation of young children.
The Caterpillars program is specially formatted for children age 2-3 years old.  Through the use of songs, stories, puppets and arts & crafts, the skills covered will include: color, shape, number recognition, large and small motor skills, language development, graphing, predicting, patterning, and problem-solving.
The Butterflies program is specially formatted for children age 3-4 years old.  It covers those skills introduced in the caterpillars program and more to include: letter recognition and beginning sounds, sequencing and estimation.

Palominas Child Care participates in the USDA Food Program. Children receive meals and snack at no additional cost.

Scholastic Book Club:
Palominas Child Care participates in the preschool issue "Fireflies" of the Scholastic Book Club.  Firefly book orders will go home monthly with books being shipped within two weeks of placing orders.  Your participation is entirely voluntary.


Play Today?
You say you love your children,
And are concerned they learn today?
So am I – that's why I'm providing
A variety of kinds of play.

You're asking me the value
Of blocks and other such play?
Your children are solving problems.
They will use that skill every day.
You're asking what's the value
Of having you children play?
Your daughters creating a tower;
She may be a builder some day.

You're saying you don't want your son
To play in the “sissy” way?
He's learning to cuddle a doll;
He may be a father some day.

You're questioning the interest centers;
They just look like useless play?
Your children are making choices;
They'll be on their own some day.

You're worried your children aren't learning;
And later they'll have to pay?
They're learning a pattern for learning;
For they'll be learners always.

Author Unknown



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